Where My Dogs At? ( B & B Classic Dogs)

It looks so good!

It looks so good!


Where my dogs at? I know where they are, in Bellevue, Nebraska! That’s right, B & B Classic Dogs serves some of the best dogs in the Omaha area. However, don’t let the name fool you as they serve more than just your normal hot dogs. (Click Here for menu options) This small business is owned and managed by Diane Bruce and Jerry Charvat. The restaurant can be found on 1020 Lincoln Road, Bellevue, NE 68005.


If you follow Small Guy Promotions you know that we love going to eat at B & Bs! Not only do they offer great food items and friendly service, but they also have a game area that keeps us busy for hours on end. I know that a goal of the restaurant is to provide the city of Bellevue with affordable food while being an outlet for entertainment. I really think they are doing a good job in that area and are accomplishing their vision. For my family it is more convenient to head to Bellevue than to head out west so we are grateful for this location.


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Now, let’s bring our attention to the food for a minute. There are over 20 options for different types of dogs and they are always coming up with new takes on the hot dog. All the dogs are made with Nathan’s Famous Hot dogs and each has it’s own appeal.

“The focus will be on hot dogs from around the country, such as the Chicago Dog, the Coney Island, and Carolina Dog to name a few. Don’t worry,we will also have the normal Midwest dogs of just ketchup, relish, and mustard if that is what you like. We also have a few new ones to introduce to you. For those of you who aren’t hot dog fans, we’ll have items for you too!” – Diane Bruce

How does all that sound? If dogs aren’t your thing they also offer burgers, salads, a portabella mushroom and a fried fist option. Plus, there are some AMAZING appetizers like the “Debbie Dog Poppers” that are second to none. One of these poppers is a small cut hot dog wrapped in a wonton that includes cream cheese and a nice pepper jelly to give it a little kick. If you cannot find something to satisfy your cravings than I don’t know what to tell you.

Since opening they have expanded their menu even more with the help of their customers. Each year they have a CWS themed hot dog playoff bracket created from submissions that they receive from CWS fans. There are usually a good number of baseball team themed dogs so you never know what to expect. This not only provides new ideas to test, but it keeps the choices fresh and exciting. They also routinely have new concepts coming up to test out. There is a Greek Dog called, “The Big Spartan” (Bacon wrapped fried dog, covered w/ Tzatziki sauce, tomatoes and minced onions all in a soft and chewy pretzel bun.) and they even have a dog called, “Buffalo Bacon” or “Big B” (Bacon Wrapped Fried Dog) dipped in Hot Wing Sauce and topped w/ Ranch or Bleu Cheese dressing). Personally, I am anxious to try a new “Corn Dog” creation (State Fair Food at it’s finest!! A 1/4 lb Nathan’s Hot dog wrapped in bacon – fried to perfect and then dipped in our sweet/savory corn batter, served w/ our own syrupy sauce).

Have a big appetite and want to put challenge yourself? Well, take a look at this gigantic dog called, “Dogzilla” and see if you have what it takes to bring down this 5lb monster!

Are you ready for this?


Many have tried, but only a few have succeeded. I like to eat, but I don’t know if i would ever attempt this. I think I will leave it to the professionals! Competitors that complete this challenge walk away with a cool tee shirt representing their courageous triumph over this heavyweight barker.

Final thoughts: I am more than excited for this restaurant and love seeing them take the next step in their business. They will be opening a second location soon and this is a testament to their hard work and commitment to excellent service. I have no doubt that the second shop will be just as successful as the first and I cannot wait to see where all this will lead. I am thankful to know such driven people and they truly are an example of what creativity can bring. Please support these guys and stop out and try a dog!

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